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In search of a new Chapin Pool Company? We can help with any pool service, pool maintenance, pool cleaning or pool repair needs that may arise. We are a licensed swimming pool builder and pool contractor in Chapin, SC.

We are committed to building the best swimming pool your money can buy; in a nutshell, a great value. We focus on utilizing traditional building methods and integrate newest technology in pool construction to enhance our pool products, increase their quality, and significantly reduce their environmental impact. Jan has an eye for dressing up your pool to create a uniquely beautiful presentation, and Brian designs one of a kind Sapphire Signature pools for you, our client. We’re eager to design and build your backyard pool oasis, call 803.407.3773 and make an appointment with Brian or Jan today!

Licenses / Credentials :

  • General Contractor License State of SC #G116175
  • CPO License State of SC #7744
  • Association of Pool & Spa Professionals member #6475090
  • National Federation of Independent Business #40304557
  • Certified Building Professional
In Chapin, SC, We Specialize In:


  • Cleaning and Servicing swimming pools & fountains
  • Swimming pool and decorative fountain repair
  •  Gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass swimming pool builder and contractor
  • Build, construct and maintain fountains & water features
  • Commercial Pool Maintenance, Repair and Service

Sapphire Signature Pools, LLC, A Chapin, SC Pool Company:  You can have the Swimming Pool of Your Dreams in Chapin, South Carolina

A swimming pool in the backyard is an ultimate luxury most Chapin, SC homeowners dream of. Just imagine a custom designed pool in your backyard where you and your family can have hours of pure enoyment but without you having to spend money like water? A professional Chapin, SC pool company, Sapphire Signature Pools, LLC, can build a pool that is as flexible as your imagination and lifestyle, and which will fit with your budget. Add instant status and value to your home with a custom designed pool by Sapphire Signature Pools. Chapin, SC and the Midlands Greater Columbia Area is known for being “Famously Hot” and there is no better way to cool down during the “Dog Days” of Summer than enjoying your personal backyard swimming pool.

There are many reward to having a backyard swimming pool in Chapin, SC. Night or day, you can swim in your pool anytime you desire. Invite the friends over and throw a pool party or bash. Use your pool to relax and unwind after a hard day at work or swim 20 laps to work on your fitness. With your Chapin, SC pool company, Sapphire Signature Pools, LLC, to help you, it is easy to have a newly constructed pool in your Chapin backyard in no time. The installation is expertly performed and the type and size of pool you want will determine construction costs.

Get the Pool of your dreams with the Best Chapin, SC Pool Company: Sapphire Signature Pools, LLC

A professional Chapin pool company will construct a pool based on things such as area of placement, size, shape and the accessories you require in the pool. It’s best to build an in-ground pool on the high area of your backyard and where plenty of sunlight exists in order to minimize heating costs and also to prevent rain water run-off from seeping into the pool. A pool should be built well away from septic tanks, underground wires, cables and sewer lines.

Small but important details like installation of sturdy pool steps or ladders and providing anti-skid handrails will be taken care of by the professionals of a Chapin, SC pool company, Sapphire Signature Pools.

Think about the purpose of your pool before you decide on its shape and size. If you enjoy pool games, you should select a conventional rectangular or oval shape. If you want your kids to have a separate area in the pool to play while you swim, an L
shaped pool may be your best choice. A bean shaped pool or free form pool are also excellent choices. A knowledgeable Chapin, SC pool company, Sapphire Signature Pools, LLC, can build any pool you desire or dream of. The only limitation is the available space for pool construction.

A professional Chapin, SC pool company can assist you in choosing the appropriate pool liner needed for your pool. We’ll help you decide between a gunite pool or liner pool.

A professional Chapin, SC pool company can also advise you on your pool cover. Pool covers are made with materials like vinyl or nylon and they can be operated mechanically or manually by hand. Having a pool cover for your pool is important, especially if you have pets or young children in your household. A pool cover can prevent mishaps and keep waste from blocking the pool filter and dirtying the water. Pool efficiency can be increased by the use of a solar cover that uses sunlight and solar power to keep your water warm.

A Chapin, SC Pool Company will provide Extrordinary Care of Your Pool

Pool building is not just about digging a hole in the backyard and filling it with water. The pool design, layout and maintenance can determine the look of your pool and its hygiene. Your pool can remain well-maintained and look brand new for years
if you perform regular service and cleaning. A swimming pool like your car needs a tune-up every once in a while at the expert hands of a professional, your swimming pool also needs professional maintenance.

A knowledgeable Chapin, SC pool company, Sapphire Signature Pools, LLC, suggests a balanced ratio of chemicals through keeping up with periodic treatments either handled by yourself or by pool cleaning companies.  If chemicals are out of balance or to strong you can damage your skin or hair. Not strong enough and your pool will be full of bacteria and algae which can become costly to remove. Ensuring proper levels of chlorine and acid are important. Periodic maintenance can also cure problems associated with cloudy water. Often this could indicate a more serioius problem, damaging your pool surface or equipment. Your Chapin, SC pool company provides maintenance and service on pools; however we highly suggest you regularly balance chemical levels and provide proper maintenence on your pool.

There is nothing like a swimming pool that is properly constructed and maintained. The pristine and sparkling water of your pool will always be inviting. It can provide hours of fun and entertainment for you and the entire family. It can be a fantastic way to get
in shape. Installing a swimming pool is a major investment. Professionals from your local Chapin, SC pool company can ensure you make the right choices.

Serving the Chapin, SC Area as well as Lexington, Richland, Blythewood, Columbia, Forest Acres, Irmo, Northeast Columbia, West Columbia and surrounding Counties


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